Hi, I am Maria. I have been dancing since I am six years of age.

I am originally from Berlin, Germany and grew up in the theatre world.

My background is in Modern Expressive Dance,  Contemporary Dance, Dance Theatre and multilingual Drama.

I lived in the U.S.A. as a child, graduated from a bilingual German-American Partnership School in Berlin (2000), and first came to Ireland as a student (2002). I studied M.A. Drama & Theatre Studies at University College Cork (2006).

In my youth, I mainly danced and performed with Tanzwerkstatt No Limit, Berlin, Germany (1988-99), Rainbow Arts, Raleigh, USA (1992-94), and at Fischhaus, Fabrik Potsdam (1996-97).  I later joined the jlling-company, Tanztheaterprojekt Rostock (now Tanzland Rostock) (2001-05) led by choreographer Peter Mann.

Since 2006, I have performed in contemporary dance and theatre, mainly with choreographer Inma Pavon.  Most notably in: 5.5.5 Chances, IV Wills, and Inner Landscapes.

In 2011, I began my training in dance and movement teaching in Ireland and Germany. I am certified in Leading Creative and Community Dance, with the Laban Guild for Movement and Dance, Belfast, N.I., kindly supported by Cork City Council (2016), and in Leading Creative Dance for Children, AHAB-Academy, Berlin (2011). I completed CPD in Vaganova Ballet Pedagogy for Ages 8-10 (2018), Community Dance with emphasis on Choreography (2018), Developing Creativity in Children Through Dance (2012), KDS Floor Barre and Placement (2014), among others.

In 2016, I founded Dance Theatre Project Cork (now Starling Dance Theatre).

 I truly enjoy sharing my lifelong passion in dance and theatre.

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