New Collaboration

A wonderful new collaboration with a group of amazing Yoga practitioners (and friends) here in Cork has made it possible!

  • Dance classes for children/teens on Tuesdays will be returning to the city centre,
  • New classes, like Baby Sling Dance, will be on offer
  • Contemporary Dance class & Dance Lab for adults can continue!
  • Summer workshops are on the way!
  • Yoga classes of various styles for adults and parent/babies are coming up this spring & summer.

Check out & share all about  The Collective Cork , opening at 2nd floor, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork

also on facebook and instagram!

Find a class to suit you!

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Clem Onojeghuo

Free Taster Classes – March 9th 2019

Try out my new Dance classes at Turners Cross Community Centre.

It’s free – on Saturday March 9th 2019

Booking required!

Simply call/text/whatsapp  086 8776230.


Junior Dance (for ages 6-8)

SAT 12-1pm

Turners Cross Community Centre


Senior Dance (for ages 9-12) 

SAT 1-2pm

Turners Cross Community Centre


Whether you’re new to Starling Dance Theatre, or have been in touch already, this is a great way to see if your child/teen enjoys my class in Creative – Modern – Contemporary Dance.

Taster Classes Creative Modern Contemporary  Dance for Children & Teens





Learn to love Contemporary Dance this Feb 14th!

If you’ve ever wanted to try contemporary dance, want to get back to dancing, or have danced with me before, this course may be for you:

Master the fundamentals balance, fall, slide, lift, adapt movements, dance in pairs and enjoy a new experience aiming to make you aware and able to move easily from standing to the floor, and learn to love the sense of flying through space and dancing with all your heart.

Happy January!

Happy New Year! Classes for children and adults will resume from 2nd Feb 2019 – & first week of February. Call 086 877630 to get in touch!

In the meantime – enjoy this inspiring video – The Dance Magazine’s video of the month! 2019 is all about seeing things in a new way!!!

Color us With Sounds – Andrey Zhilski & Jegor Gordejev a.k.a. bboy Ego