Covid-19 News

I’ve had to halt all classes for children and am just starting back one adult class at a time. Depending on the level of restrictions here in Cork, I welcome you back to the studio for a very adapted Contemporary Dance Class for beginner and intermediate level during level 2 restrictions. As things have evolved quickly to level 3, this class just moved online.

If you have about 2m sq to move about freely, why not join the class? Thursdays 8 – 9pm. Check our schedule for yoga and dance classes at our Collective Cork studio to find out more!

Take care, mind yourselves and each other!


18th Oct 2020

Contemporary Dance for Teens for Ages 13-16

If you like to advance technically, learn dynamic combinations, bend the rules in improvisations and create your own contemporary dance combinations in small teams.

If you enjoy seeking inspiration from other dance forms, and expressing what moves you in your everyday life – then this is the class for you.

KDS Floor Barre & Placement

An intensive way to train your body and correct alignment with a series of floor exercises adapted from ballet barre and Pilates. You’ll use therabands for stretching & strengthening the core, legs, torso and upper body. – this is something I need to do now & thought I’d share with you! This training method developed by Prof. Karen D. Savage (USA/Germany). She teaches Jazz dance in the Musical Performance Degree at the Folkwang University, Germany. Her method combines Floor Barre, Placement, Pilates, Stretch & Strength.

Dance Improvisation – adapted

In this adapted class, you will be guided through movement improvisations to find the dancer within and discover all the potential for new movements.

Have a go at building, adapting, and playing with movement sequences in a series of small Laban inspired tasks.

We will work largely within the limits of our own yoga mat on our own and/or in physically distanced pairs in a comfortable, safe space, perfect for improvising.

Please bring your own mat, very comfortable clothes, and a bottle of water.